About us


The NCRTP-HepC seeks to build research capacity and awareness in hepatitis C that will one day result in better management of the disease by providing stipend support and training to graduate, post-doctoral students and MDs with demonstrated excellence and a passion for hepatitis C research.
The training program employs the knowledge and experience of twenty-eight mentors across Canada from multiple disciplines; each mentor is recognized for their expertise in various areas of hepatitis C research and their ability to train excellent researchers.

NCRTP-HepC Mission & Objective

    • To recruit and train new scientists to the study of hepatitis C in order to build research capacity in Canada to combat this disease.
    • To redirect the attention and resources of established scientists in related fields toward research in hepatitis C.
    • To promote collaboration in the four pillars of CIHR – clinical, basic biomedical, social/cultural/environmental/population health and health systems/ services, including disciplines in medicine, nursing and social sciences to more effectively impact reduction in the burden of disease caused by hepatitis C.
  • To disseminate knowledge gained to relevant stakeholders e.g., the public, other universities, professional scientific organizations (CASL, CIDS), organizations which maintain patient support groups (CLF and HCSC) health policy makers, departments of public health and the pharmaceutical industry using standard as well as novel techniques for knowledge translation.