Cancer and Cannabis

Cancer is one of the most well-known diseases in the world, with hundreds, if not thousands of people, being diagnosed with various types of cancer every day. The closest we have come to curing cancer is through chemotherapy. This difficulty in curing cancer is mainly due to what cancer causes inside the body- multiplication of malicious cells, causing tumour etc. Amidst the race to find a cure for this ailment, one of the most discussed things is the possibility of treatment of cancer with cannabis oil. Cannabis or CBD oil has been used and proven to be able to control the symptoms of cancer in many situations.

Even though cannabis oil has not been proven to cure cancer yet, many studies vouch for CBD oil in the process of treating, slowing down and even completing stopping cancer growth in the human body. There are multiple ways in which treatment of cancer with cannabis oil could be beneficial.

treatment of cancer with cannabis oil

One of the side effects that most cancer patients face is that they lose their appetite. Cancer and the various drugs used in its treatment usually cause this loss of appetite and nausea. They may not be able to eat much food and when they do eat, they might vomit. This adversely leads to an unhealthy weight that could hinder the process of treating the illness. During the treatment of cancer with cannabis oil, the ingested CBD oil will stimulate appetite, helping the patients to manage a healthy weight.

Another benefit of the treatment of cancer with cannabis oil is the pain-relieving property of cannabis oil. Cancer could be painful and the treatment of it could cause even more pain. This might lead to many problems such as inflammation, internal organ injury, nerve injury etc. Usually, in such situations, powerful pain relievers such as opioids can be used. But opioids have the risk of addiction attached to them. They are also expensive. This why cannabis or CBD oil can be sued a pain relief in such situations. The CBD oil, once it enters the body, directly interacts with the CB2 receptors. This, in turn, relieves the patient of pain and reduces inflammation.

Now, a lot of people might wonder if there are any risks in treating cancer using cannabis or CBD oil. They might think that one would get addicted to it. This is not true as CBD does not interact with or impact the central nervous system like opioids. Hence, it is almost impossible to get addicted to or get an overdose on CBD. Cannabis oil affects the endocannabinoid system or ECS, reducing the chances of side-effects.

treatment of cancer with cannabis oil

But one needs to keep in mind that no one is the same. Cannabis oil might affect people differently. People who are sensitive to CBD might experience side-effects caused due to the treatment of cancer with cannabis oil. Also, as cannabinoid receptors are found all over the body, it could affect organs and tissues too.

Keeping all this in mind, it is extremely important to consult a doctor before you try CBD related medication, especially if you are using any other medicines or drugs.