In 2008 the NCRTP-HepC submitted an application to have its grant renewed by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The program updated its goals to the following:

  • To consolidate, enhance, and ensure sustainability of the multidisciplinary approach of the network of mentors and to translate it to trainees, relevant individuals, and the general public
  • To help and support all aspects of HCV research from epidemiology, prevention, infection control, diagnostics, health economics, to vaccine development, viral resistance, immune response, pathogenesis, and psychology
  • To become a central forum for discussion, thinking, and orientation with regards to the political, social, economic and research issues in hepatitis C
  • To build on the now established international recognition of the program by continuing to attract foreign students and experts and to promote international collaborations
    To eradicate hepatitis C
  • To attract and train high quality graduate students (both national and international) to become independent researchers and leaders in the field of hepatitis C